Sunday, 25 March 2018

Techno Classica Essen 2018 (D)

A few days ago we visited the annual classic car  show "Techno Classica" in Essen, across the border in Germany. It was again a good day out. But also a bit sobering as the (asking) prices for most of the cars on display were rather over the top in my opinion. Looks like the investors have taken over the market again. Maybe this contraption proves my point;

What we have here is a Goggomobil Van prototype, complete with shower type wooden deck flooring. Nice little thing, but it is completely beyond my grasp why this should be worth €110.000,-! But that is also one of the attractions of this show. There is always a wide array of weird and wonderful machines on display spread over the 14 halls and 4 outside areas. A small selection of the machines that were on display;

A rather ratty looking Citroën Traction Avant from 1954,
with a rally history and some (not so) period details:

Lovely factory built Lamborghini Centenario hot rod tractor.
A brilliant machine as long as you ignore the price tag:

The still stylish Alfa Romeo Montreal in a very nice period colour:

One of the many pre-war Bentley's. In this case a straight eight of some sort.
But like most of the others it looked very much like a trailer queen,
that is moved from one show to the other. Sad really:

As for the Triumphs. There were only very few on display.
One Stag and a few separate chassis TR's including this very nice TR-S Le Mans racer.
Actually for an (ex) competition it (again)  looked far to clean and un-used ...

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