Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Spring clean out

Over the past few months a fair amount of my spare time has been spent on moving my TR7 parts, that were stored at René's place, to "the other shed". And it was a good moment to start with a gentle clean out of parts that should have been thrown away many years ago. At least they will weigh in pretty nicely at the scrap yard. Especially bearing in mind there are still a fair amount of very worn or rotten Dolomite parts, including a few boxes of worn TR7 stuff, lurking in the various sheds at René's place;

It also reminded me of the fact that over the years I have collected quite a lot of TR7 parts, some of which I had already forgotten that I had them in my possession! Like this rather solid roof panel that was tucked away between some roof rafters in one of the sheds;

And I also found a pretty solid and undamaged early (large fuel filler cap) rear deck panel and a pair of very solid looking sub frames hidden behind some Dolomite boot lids. One thing's for sure though, ones everything has been moved and sorted I will get rid of some of this stuff as I will never be able to use it!
But with spring in the air it is also time to dig out 't Kreng in preparation for the "Nacht van het Oosten", the traditional start of the driving season. So that is now top of the list!

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