Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A change of plans?

Five months ago I thought it was time for a full rebuild of 't Kreng's engine. Luckily a friend managed to convince me that it would be better to refurbish the Weber's first and see how that influenced the engine's behaviour. Well last week I was able to do a first short test drive with the car. And that turned out to be rather positive. So over the Easter weekend  I used the car for our traditional Poasjrit (or Eastern Tour). A tour through our lovely area with some like minded (mostly Triumph) friends. It would have been nice if I could post some nice pictures here, but I was so engrossed with how the car behaved (and enjoying the driving) that I forgot to take any pictures, sorry 😔. The good news is that she behaved rather well. Actually so well that for the time being I can't see a proper reason to do any mayor work to the engine. Looks like she only needs a proper fine tuning of the Weber's to be back to her proper ageing self.

Pretty pleased with that, so I promptly put her away in the shed to make room on the drive for the DHC. Which means fine tuning has to wait for the time being, till I have some more spare time. This is because I first want to get some miles on the DHC, as she's again the car of choice for this year's 10CR. And it will be interesting to see how she behaves after an almost 10 month long hibernation.  But there are also some small alterations on the induction side of the engine waiting to be fitted. More on that soon.

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