Monday, 26 September 2011

DHC back home at last

Since this afternoon the DHC is back home again from the 10CR. Time to invest the damage caused by the little rock that crossed our path on the Friday evening of the event ...

Overall impression is that the damage is not too bad. All damage is to parts that can easily be removed from the car for repairs or a new coating. And the damage to the front spoiler looks as if it can be repaired fairly easily. Not visible is the damage to the wheel rim, that'll need a fair amount of attention.

Sadly somewhere between Austria and home (but probably in the workshop in Austria that inspected the car before it could be sent home) they managed to chip the paint on the front quite badly. On both front panel and bonnet all layers of coating are completely gone. Looks like they closed the bonnet with something wedged in between bonnet and nose panel ...

It will come as no surprise that this one will be continued. Glad that my insurer has promised they will pay for the extra damage and then will try to get their money back one way or another. But the repair will be very difficult/expensive to get done properly. So not very happy at the moment.

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Patrick said...

Bonjour Beans'
I hope this will be quickly forgotten for you. And your rebuild of your Tr7 AS NEW back at its fantastic level .
best regards from France