Monday, 28 December 2009

DHC report nr. 65; Several small jobs

In between other commitments I have been doing several smaller jobs on the car over the past week. First I thought it a good idea to fit some extra sound proofing to the sills (they sounded quite hollow while working on the car).

After that I switched to the front of the car to make some room in the storage cupboard, so I fitted the header tank and the two grill mouldings. With the grill I encountered a small problem, it wouldn’t fit at the right hand front corner. Then I remembered that I did have some problems whilst removing it nearly a year ago. Sadly I didn’t think much of it than, but I should have. In the end the only solution was to grind a bit from the top of the corner from the RH moulding, after which it fitted perfectly;

With Christmas over I returned to the car today to do some work on the underside, fitting the fuel pipe which I prepared last week;

And fitting the rear lights, a nice period antenna, licence plate, fuel filler blanking plate and tow bar;

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