Sunday, 13 December 2009

New alternator for ‘t Kreng

Most of the time during this year’s Le Carrera Caledonia, and the holiday on Skye after that, we were accompanied by some screeching noises. We pretty soon found out that the bearing from the alternator was pretty worn. But as I don’t carry much spare parts with me, we could only hope it would hold out till we got back home. Which it did.
As the car wasn’t used much after I didn’t pay much attention to the alternator. But I was reminded of the worn bearing while testing the car in September for a night time reconnaissance run for our “Nachtrit”. With a 6 hour drive in the dark through the Belgium Ardennes coming up I thought it wise to change the shod alternator. Luckily I had a spare lying in the attic, which I fitted.

This unit was removed from the DHC a few years ago in preparation for the 2007 edition of the 10CR. As I didn’t know its condition, and with more than 2000 miles in a few days ahead, I decided to put a new one in the car and keep the old unit as a spare. But it should be fine for a few shorter trips.

On the first renaissance run the alternator behaved quite well, but it was a bit noisy. But during the final check, on the day of the event, it started to play up, making funny noises and sometimes not charging properly. So in the week after the event I went over to a friend’s workshop to order a new one. Forgot to ask what make it is, but as they are a Bosch dealer it will be probably be a Bosch unit. Good thing about it is that it delivers 70A instead of the 45A from the old unit. When I first saw it I did have some doubts if it would fit properly but the mechanic helping me ensured it would be a straight swap.

As I have been busy with the DHC since, I haven’t had the time or the mind to put the new alternator in. Luckily I woke up pretty early this morning and as the sun was shining straight under the car port where ‘t Kreng is parked, I thought it a good idea to put the new alternator in. As usual with this kind of simple jobs you expect something to go wrong, but not this time. So in no time at all the old unit was out, giving me the opportunity to compare the two units;

The differences between the two units are pretty obvious. And it turned out the mechanic was right, it fitted without problem.

Test drive hopefully after next week when I have a two weeks holiday. But I think that most of those two weeks will be spend at the re-assembly of the DHC.

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