Saturday, 12 December 2009

DHC report nr. 62; Fitting fuel tank

Started on the re-assembly today. First I fitted the fuel tank. Despite the fact the fuel tank is fairly accessible on a TR7 when the axle isn’t under the car, I opted to fit all pipes and hoses before fitting the tank.

This saves a few bruised and grazed knuckles while trying to connect everything afterwards. It makes the actual fitting only slightly more difficult, so definitely worth the effort. So with everything connected it was time to put the tank in place. All went fairly smoothly and the tank was in place in no time at all, despite the fact I had to do it single handed. Just a matter of hooking the tanks left hand seam over the rear chassis rail and hooking the filler pipe into its designed hole. With the tank thus hung up I had both my hands free to put the two straps in place, align the tank and tighten up the nuts.

With the tank safely in place it was time to secure the fuel filler pipe. First I inspected the hoses were all free from the body work, which they were.

But when I wanted to fit the plastic surround I encountered a small snag. It turned out that the surround had been deformed rather badly. As a result the rim at the top wasn’t flush with the rear panel, but sitting about a millimetre to high . But with the help of the electric paint stripper I heated it up a bit so I could bring it back to its original shape, giving a proper flush fit.

As it was still rather early in the afternoon I carried on with a few small jobs, like fitting the rear wing blanking pieces, sill kick plates and new plug-in nuts (in this case they are 7mm Ford items, sourced through my friendly ex-Leyland garage). And I found some time last week to trial fit these window winders in ‘t Kreng;

Also thanks to the friendly ex-Leyland garage who hadn’t a better use for them. They are labelled as being for a Lotus Exige but actually are standard Austin Rover Items. And the good news is they do fit in a TR7.

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