Wednesday, 2 December 2009

DHC report nr. 60; Sound proofing

Started on the soundproofing of the car last weekend. First thing I did was acquire some thick paper sheets with the same dimensions as the sound proofing pads. From these I made templates which in turn were used to cut the soundproofing pads in the required pattern. I had scheduled that it would take me a fair few hours but it was actual a piece of cake. In just over an hour I not only had the templates ready but also cut all the pads, except the pads for the transmission tunnel. Due to the more complex form I thought it a good idea to first get some experience with the fitting of the already cut pads, before committing myself to these.

Tonight I fitted the pads. As usually I ignored the instructions that came with the pads (apply between 15 and 40ÂșC and don’t apply heat). The guys from the body shop that supplied the pads, advised me to use an electric paint stripper, which I did, and it worked perfectly.
I hoped it wouldn’t take me more than an hour to do, but it turned out to be slightly more time consuming. But after three hours of steady progress all the pre-cut pads were in place. Despite the fact, that it took a fair bit longer to fit the pads than planned, it was a rather rewarding evenings work.

The spare wheel well;

Inside of the right hand rear wing;

Rear bulk head panel;

Left hand floor area;

This weekend I hope to finish the soundproofing. Which means that the moment I can start with the re-assembly is slowly but surely drawing near!

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