Wednesday, 16 September 2009

DHC report nr. 45; Nearly ready for painting

Underside of the body is finished. Bottom and wheel arches are painted in a non metallic 2-pack uni-colour bright green which comes close to the chosen Triton Green. Looks very bright indeed!

Did this as this paint has a much higher resistance against chipping then the (water based) metallic top coat. The wheel arches will also get the top coat, so when the top coat gets damaged it will still look green. Also the primer for the top coat has been applied.

Guy doing the work wasn’t really satisfied with this primer coat. So this needs another flatten down. Also on the inside the seams need yet to be sealed. Sadly he’s going on holiday next weekend so painting will be postponed for another two weeks. Gives me some time for a color experiment!

Today the body was transferred from the body spit to a simple horizontal stand which will be used for the actual painting.

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