Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Le Carrera Caledonia and Skye

Returned from Scotland earlier this week were we did the (unofficial) Carrera Caledonia and some walking on the Isle of Skye afterwards. Again McJim succeeded in putting a great route together over some very interesting roads. I won’t bother you with boring details of the run itself or the walking, as a few pictures tell so much more!

Scotlandshire clansman meets English gentlemen driver 😉

Always bright and cheerful Callander;

Loch Tummel as seen from the Queen’s View;

International odd TR gathering along the shores of Loch Rannoch
(English TR3, German TR5 and Dutch TR7);

‘t Kreng somewhere along the same shore;

Scottish beef;

Hunting/road kill trophies or to scare of burglars ?

The Sound and Island of Raasay as seen from Torvaig near Portree;

View across the Quiraing;

Lobster fisher at Hoe Point;

View from Hoe Rape over Ramasaig Bay;

‘t Kreng waiting patiently at the end of probably the most deserted road I have ever driven.
Near Ramasaig. The only car we encountered was ... a police patrol!

View across Loch Scavaig from Camasunary.
Especially when it rains the scenery of Skye is fabulous;

Oh and as usually the car behaved rather well. Only a slightly noisy alternator bearing and less than half a litre of oil consumption (and leaking) over nearly 3000 kilometres! Nothing worth mentioning! So back to work tomorrow and also back to work on the DHC.

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