Wednesday, 17 June 2009

DHC report nr. 30; More coating ...

After returning from Scotland I gently started again with work on the DHC. Picked up the last of the parts that needed coating. Especially the cam cover, header tank and air-filter-end-plates look rather nice in their wrinkle finish.

Also busied myself with cleaning up the indicator/side lights. On top the finished LH lens, bottom the RH lens as it came of the car.

I used some silver plastic paint on the inside rim of the lenses to brighten them up a bit. And I started with the cleaning and coating of all the parts for the dashboard. As I personally don’t like the grey dashboard color of the later TR7’s I decided to paint everything black. For this I am (again) using Vinylkote from Kolorbond. I used this on the interior of ‘t Kreng 13 years ago and it still looks very nice today, so the choice was easy. Only not so easy to get hold of, as it isn’t sold in the Netherlands anymore. Had to order it through their French agent, which went very well indeed (bearing in mind that my French is rather basic).

The parts I coated yesterday;

And some attention to detail, cleaning the heater control lighting lenses;

Last thing I did so far was reassembling the door mirrors. Forgot to take some pictures before I wrapped them up. Most important thing I did was to put some new rubber foam strips to the back of the mirror glass to prevent them from rattling.

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