Monday, 1 June 2009

DHC report nr. 29; Looms, pipes and heater

Busied myself with the wiring on the car in the past few days. Initial plan was to work on the cable looms for a day and then turn my attention to other jobs. Sadly it took me well over two days to get the wiring sorted properly. As stated earlier I renewed all the connectors at the front of the car and under the bonnet. As an example the small loom for the reverse light switch before;

And after it was “cleaned up”.

And the connectors that regularly give trouble with the front lights on the average TR7. On the right the original connectors. On the left the new ones;

But it turned out that several parts and in particular the engine loom were pretty bad. As an example the engine loom, despite being rather small, took the best part of the morning to get sorted properly. Also removed most of the tape from the looms to inspect the wires underneath. Glad I did it as I found three locations were some of the wiring had been damaged;

Another problem I encountered were a few wires that were completely corroded inside. Like the earth lead from the ignition coil (top) compared to a new piece of wire;

Next thing to do was make up a few new brake pipes. Using this handy (and very cheap) tool, which I found at a classic car show years ago, that was rather easy;

And last but not least I made myself a nice three dimensional puzzle. First plan was to just tidy the heater assembly up a bit and put it back in the car. But then I found some rusty patches on the inside, and all of the regulating flaps needed new foam covering;

So time to take it to pieces. Sounds pretty easy, but in reality it did give me a few headaches before I had worked out the best sequences to dismantle it. Another reason to take it to pieces was to remove the (aircon) evaporator, sitting on top of the heater matrix;

Thus shedding a fair bit of weight. And I hope it will have a positive effect on the heaters fresh air supply. And after a day of drilling out loads of pop rivets (some rather inaccessible for my drill) this was everything that was left of the heater;

All the bits will be coated properly and all the foam will be replaced. But that will have to wait till after I return from Scotland. Also the body will go for paint preparation and painting after that. I hoped I could bring the car away before my trip to Scotland, but that wasn't possible.

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