Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Another MOT part 2

Almost a month ago the DHC got a clean bill of health during its bi-annual safety and environmental inspection (or APK as it officially called here). And today was 't Kreng's turn. I hadn't had time to give her a final check before I set of this morning. As she was checked earlier in the year, I presumed everything should be OK.
But while travelling to Garage Moorthaemer there was a decisive petrol smell entering the interior. And while carrying out the first check, the emissions, we found the cause for the smell. As the CO level was almost 5,5% the carburettors needed some slight adjustment. With the bonnet open the cause for the smell became immediately clear. One of the joints of the fuel line to the carburettor was leaking. Tightening up the joint's bolt removed the leak, and it also lowered the CO emissions to round 4%! So we had the first pass, though it is slightly worrying that I haven't got a clue why the joint came loose!

Next in line were the brakes. These passed with flying colours! The front brakes were as impressive as ever with a measurement of almost 4900N per wheel, with only a small difference between left and right. The rears also showed almost equal numbers on the test bench's display. Around 1700N this time. Which is more than my last standard TR7 front brake set up could manage! And the handbrake managed a perfectly equal left - right number of just over 1000N!

With the dynamic tests done, it was time for the visual part of the inspection. Again nothing wrong and no advisories. Time to enjoy the car for another two years! Which I did on the drive home!

After which she was promptly returned to the shed to be reunited under cover with my other FHC! Being idle together for the time being ...

I also used the opportunity to have a look around in the shed, to get a feel of all the parts I have collected over the years:

But I am afraid it will take some time before all of these are sorted. But certainly a job that has to be done because there's just to much in there!

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