Saturday, 30 June 2018

FHC resto nr. 65; Work slowly resumes

After moving all my TR7 parts including the '76 FHC's body earlier in the year, not much has happened to that car. This was mainly caused by work that needed doing to my other cars and sometimes life gets in between! But over the past few weeks I have slowly started to pick up work on the car.
First job that needed doing was find another insulation pad (ZKC3176) for the centre exhaust bracket, mounted to the rear bulkhead. I had one coated but somewhere between shot blasting and moving the parts to their current storage, it got lost. So I had to search for another one in the shed:

This one was sent of to have it shot blasted and powder coated a few weeks ago. And when it returned with a fresh layer of black coating, and I found the exhaust mounting bracket, it was time to add some sound proofing material to its back (as per the original):

And bolt it in place together with the exhaust bracket (YKC957). Always very rewarding work, to mount freshly coated parts to a car under restoration!

Luckily while searching through my parts I stumbled across this little box, containing the black plastic rivets for some of the plastic trim pieces. I knew about its existence but had forgotten where I had stored it!

Which meant that the next item on the to do list was cleaning some of the plastic trim pieces from my parts collection, including the front grill mouldings, the sidelight blanking plates and the sill tread plates:

After which these parts were fitted to the car. Well at least the sill tread plates, the grill mouldings and the front blanking plates. The rear ones will have to wait till the stripping is fitted!

The plans for the rest of the year are first to finish the heater (I ran into a problem there with one of the flaps so that was put aside for a while!) and start on the wiring loom. I also hope to finish fitting the striping and decals to the car together with bending and fitting the brake lines! But first I need to fit the refurbished carburettors to the DHC and see that 't Kreng passes her bi-annual inspection.

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