Saturday, 5 May 2018

Topless driving at last!

After a month, the work on the Defender was completed at last yesterday, and as already mentioned that meant that 't Kreng would return to the shed to make room for the DHC. But not before one final check for any leaks around the water pump area. And I am pleased to report that it looks like the frequent use over the past month has cured the problem. A month ago, before I started to use the car for daily duties I topped up the coolant system, and the level has remained unchanged since then. Also no more signs of any leaks from the infamous connecting tube (UKC2538) nor the slot underneath the water pump!

At least no reason to get the spanners out for that! Which meant it was time for a final trip through the region, and some well deserved German 102RON fuel for the car before she was tucked away in the shed! Here she was reunited with the DHC for a few minutes.

The DHC had been stored there since the end of November last year, as a result of which she was rather reluctant to start. As usual after a long period of not being used I should say. But after a substantial squirt of start help she fired up immediately, and after she had been running for a few minutes she even settled to a half decent idle. Time to carry over the tools etcetera from the boot of 't Kreng to the one from the DHC. With everything moved over 't Kreng was covered up in the shed, and the DHC's top went down to enjoy the first few miles of top less motoring of the year. The fact that the weather was rather nice certainly helped here! And I was glad that I carried out a quick general check of the car last week, so lost no time there!

Plan is to check over the car properly and bring her in for her biannual safety and environmental check, or APK as that is called here, within the next few weeks.

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