Sunday, 1 April 2018

FHC resto nr. 64; End of an era

Not what I really had planned when I started the restoration of this car, but yesterday it was loaded onto a trailer for the 17th time since I bought the car back in 2013! This time was in the context of the removal of my last pieces from the premises of my late friend René, the body shell and the doors of the car.
Sadly since we planned the move my Defender had decided to throw out what sounds like a bearing from its gear box. So that car was considered unfit for the trip. Actually two trips as we also moved a friends Spitfire body and chassis. Luckily another friend (the owner of Garage Moorthaemer) was so kind as to provide me with a car (trailer included) that was fit for the job. And it was a land Rover!
We already had to postpone the move once last week due to a rather bad weather forecast. Luckily yesterday turned out to be just fine, with lots of sunny spells to high light the cars rather vibrant colour:

And the heavy rain showers that were forecast for late afternoon or early evening had the decency to stick to the forecast. So almost two and half years after the car was painted and moved to René's place for assembly, she's safely back in town. And with not that much to show for its absence ...

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