Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Daily duties for 't Kreng

With the Land Rover's transmission repairs still under way, and because I still have my "normal" daytime job left to do, 't Kreng has been promoted to "daily driver" for the time being. As a result of which she was able to grace various parking lots in the area, to start with the head office in Roermond:

The city hall of the municipality Onderbanken in Schinveld, for a meeting for the renovation of a large sewage shaft:

And even a work related visit to the World War II Belgian fort at Eben Emael, just south of Maastricht:

From an engineering perspective a very interesting site, but sometimes also very sobering:

Remains the Defender. Though the culprit in the Defender's gearbox has been found (see picture below!) and the gearbox is back together, it still needs to be fitted back under the car. But there are a few other issues that need addressing, like a leaking steering box, and a sticking front brake calliper. To be continued!

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