Wednesday, 31 January 2018

FHC resto nr. 62; Heater rebuild Part 3

More small jobs over the past few weeks, this time heater specific. With all parts back from coating, I started with cleaning the parts that didn't need or were not fit for coating. Like the heater's wiring loom, which was cleaned, tested with the multi meter and given the OK;

The same applied for the heater's fan and motor assembly. A quick check with a 12 volt feed showed the motor to be running OK. And after an hour's worth of elbow grease it looked presentable again. Especially when compared to how it looked when it was removed from the heater. Almost a shame it'll be hidden from view deep inside the heater unit!

Next on the heater's to do list were the control levers. The mounting plate with which they are mounted to the heater was powder coated. But the two lever assemblies could only be cleaned up, as they can't be dismantled. And coating them would almost certainly render them useless. Luckily they'll be hidden from view once fitted to the heater and tucked away behind the centre console;

And finally I cleaned the flap assembly for the front screen demister and put new foam rubber padding to the two flaps. Time for another before and after picture!

Hopefully I'll be able to start on the reassembly of the heater soon!

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