Friday, 19 January 2018

FHC resto nr. 61; Various small jobs

Not only were all (I hope!) parts coated or galvanised over the previous months, I also received the refurbished or new brake and clutch parts back from local brake specialist C&C Parts. I dropped of all hydraulic parts at their premises a few months ago, with the brief to overhaul or replace them. Whatever was the cheapest solution. Well the only thing they overhauled was the brake servo, as it turned out the internals were as new. All other parts were replaced by new items as it was cheaper to replace them. Some were NOS, like the brake master cylinder (they even found the correct brake fluid reservoir !);

Others were produced locally like the clutch master cylinder;

And as they take less space when fitted to the car, that is exactly what I did, together with the coolant's header tank;

Another item that got the same treatment (store it by bolting it to the car) was the refurbished fuel tank, together with newly powder coated tank straps and the galvanised and black passivated studs;

Also used some of my (current rare) spare time to finish the newly coated fresh air duct. The duct itself was powder coated, the clips were galvanised and black passivated, whereas the rubbers are a mix of second hand original ones from my spares collection (like YKC320);

Combined with locally sourced replacements;

And the final item for this post is the reassembly of the gear lever extension. With all parts cleaned and coated that was the proverbial piece of cake. But still rather rewarding and relaxing to do!

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