Thursday, 11 January 2018

FHC resto nr. 60; Parts galvanising Part 2

Due to René's illness and untimely death there was no access to his house and thus the FHC over the past few months. Not that my mind was up to that! And of course there are all the parts I have stored there (including the '76 FHC itself), that will have to be moved to another storage as soon as possible. So that has first priority at the moment.

But there has been some progress on the '76 FHC, though it took some time before I got the motivation back a bit. Over the past months most of the smaller parts needed to start reassembling the car (plus a few spares!) were thrown together, for a good clean and shot blasting. About one thousand in all;

And after all the old paint and oily grime had been removed they were dropped of for zinc plating. As with the spring steel (containing) parts this batch was also dropped of at Glanszink in Kinrooi (Belgium) for zinc plating and (black) passivating. Dropped them of before the Christmas period. Sadly, for me that is, on the last day of the year that they were open for business. So I had to wait till last week to pick them up;

Overall looking rather nice, though due to the plating  process some parts aren't as black as they should be! And I can now start in earnest with the re-assembly of the car at last. Ones the car is moved to it is new home that is ...

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