Sunday, 26 November 2017

The driving season is almost over

The month of November is almost over, so it is almost time for my two roadworthy TR7's to be tucked away for their mandatory three months hibernation;

But not before I took both cars for a few trips in the area over the past two weeks. And as the weather, together with the autumn colours, were rather fine the camera's got some use too!

Initial plan was to use 't Kreng for these trips, but as the weather last Wednesday was not very autumn-like, I decided to take the DHC from the shed instead, to enjoy the rather fine autumn weather with the top down;

And yesterday the weather again was rather fair for the end of November. More than enough reasons for yet another trip with one of the TR7's. This time 't Kreng again was the car of choice;

The trips with 't Kreng were of course mainly to add some mileage to the car (= for fun :-), but also to determine the extent of the leak that I found earlier in the year. Judging by this picture, taken after returning home from one of my trips last week, the leak from the connecting tube (UKC2538) between the water pump cover and the thermostat cover, looks like it has stopped. Although there were traces of a weeping water-pump-cover-gasket;

But after returning home yesterday I had to conclude that the coolant level had dropped a bit. And there were again slight traces of coolant around the water pump cover. Still not very alarming, but some attention is needed in that area.
And that will be one of the scheduled little projects for the coming winter. Thinking of replacing the original steel, corrosion sensitive, connecting tube with a machined alloy one. And of course the steel bolts to the head and inlet manifold will be replaced with stainless steel items. Together with some work on the '76 FHC I hope, because hardly any progress has been made there so far this year. But a few important steps have been set in motion over the past few weeks.
Glad that at least the mileage covered with the cars has been much more compared to the previous year! Maybe this Wednesday will see the final tour with one of the cars, the weather permitting. But whatever happens, the car's mandatory hibernation will start on the 1st of December!

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