Wednesday, 29 November 2017

FHC resto nr. 59; Parts galvanising

It has been a while since I last reported on the '76 FHC. And there was a rather good reason for that, there was nothing to report! But I am slowly picking up work on that project again. In my last report I wrote about the new heater matrix plus sorting and preparing various parts in preparation of the galvanising process. Well the first batch of parts, those containing springs or that are made from spring steel were sorted out and dropped of at Glanszink in Kinrooi (Belgium). And within a few days I got a message that the order was completed. Time to pick up the parts and see the end result;

As you can see not too bad, especially bearing in mind these parts were cleaned in the dish washer! Also clear that I have made up my mind at last, I choose a black passivation finish. The same as for the DHC. I know some of the parts will be hidden from view but you pay per batch not per item ...
And with this batch finished the other parts were also sent of. But before these will be galvanised they will first go into the oven for paint and grease removal, after which they will be shot blasted. This should give a far better surface finish! Also a few of the parts in this batch will get an e-coating, including a few vital heater parts that I had forgotten. So as soon as this batch is ready (hopefully within the next two weeks) I should be able to start on the reassembly of the heater and the rest of the car!

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