Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Another MOT

Last month I took the DHC for its biannual MOT, and today it was the turn for 't Kreng. As with the DHC last month I only got round for the most basic of checks of some of the essential items. And luckily nothing was wrong, so earlier this Wednesday I again drove over to a friend's workshop to have the car tested.

As expected not much wrong with the first stage of the test, checking that brakes, lights, wipers etc. work properly. Everything did, even the wipers :-). And although I found the CO slightly high (@ 4,1 %) it did pass without adjustment as it was below 4,5%.

On to the next stage, the suspension and brake lines. Again everything fine except the front suspension. Where we of course had a bit of a discussion. The mechanic thought that the LH steering rod end and the steering rod had some play. But after I replaced the track rod ends and adjusted the wheel bearings everything was fine.

I did make myself a mental note though. With the suspension on full droop there is some play inside the RH front strut assembly. Nothing worrying yet but after 10 years of use and abuse a full service of the AST struts looks near.

And while the mechanic was pouring over  my car in search of any faults I admired the cars standing around ...

I even managed to lay my hands on a small but vital part for the FHC I am currently restoring. In a TR7 he is currently breaking I found this undamaged early interior light. A bit of elbow grease should get it back to its former glory ...

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