Monday, 9 November 2015

FHC resto nr. 42; Back to the paintshop ...

A few weeks ago we planned to finish the paint job, which meant polishing out a few what looked like minor faults (dust/silicon/runner). Sadly it turned out that a few of the problems were worse than expected.

This runner underneath the recess in the right hand rear wing could be scraped off and polished out without much problems. But it turned out that the paint underneath the recess had been applied a bit to thin. Resulting in the primer shining through. On that same wing something had gone wrong with masking of for painting the sills black. This resulted in a very narrow black line on lower edge of the wing, where it joins the sill. While trying to polish that of, we went through the paint again.
The same happened to a minor fault on the edge of the right hand front wing ...

To cut a long story short, the body shell had to be returned to the paint shop to re-spray the right hand front and rear wings. At the time of writing the body is back home. Or actually at a friend's place, where I will re-assemble it over the coming year or so.

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