Thursday, 17 September 2015

FHC resto nr. 41; Painting finished

After returning from Club Triumphs 10 Countries Run last Monday, I went over to the shed for a closer inspection of the paint job. When I opened the gate I got a rather bright welcome. Didn't need to put on the lights 😎

The paint job looks really good. Despite the fact that the paint was quite difficult to apply, and doesn't cover very well. As a result it had to be applied pretty thick. But there's only one runner, on one of the rear wings, and it looks like that can be polished out.

And the parts that got the same satin black finish as the sills and the rear light panel ...

With this part of the restoration finished, it is time to start on the next stage; preparing all the parts for mounting. But first I'll return to the Alps for a short break ...


Patrick said...

Hi from France.
The result is the best example to day I have seen on your blog since your green one drophead . Probably your work for a TR7 coupé "unique au monde". Bravo!

Beans said...

Thanks for the kind words Patrick.
There are a few minor faults in the paint,
but they can ben polished out