Wednesday, 3 June 2015

FHC resto nr. 34; Striping update

It's been a while since I last worked on the design for the striping. But as a friend bought a new cutting plotter it was time to blow the dust of the original files for a final check. First thing to do was make a test plot of the most critical piece and see how it looked and fitted. Fit and proportions of the striping looks to be all right. But the "TR7" for underneath the rear blanking plates looked a bit skinny, so I beefed the letters up a bit. Still not quit happy with the font though, there might well change something in this area before the final design is ready ...

As compensation for my use of his plotter he asked if I could make him a file for the boot lid transfer. That will be for his newly acquired TR7 (and soon to become V8). This was of course no problem. And as I now have a small printer/scanner and an original early TR7 boot lid and nose transfer set, it was pretty easy to make up a nicely looking TR7V8 transfer using the original font design.
This exercise made me rethink my plans for the FHC's striping though. Original plan was to use the original transfers already mentioned, but I thought it a good idea to have all transfers and the striping cut from the same material. So I made files for the nose and boot lid too, but with a slight personal touch for the boot lid transfer. One for the anoraks to spot the difference :-)

By now I really got the hang of it so I decided to change the door striping slightly, with a small addition to the front of the striping. At least there won't be a discussion what engine lives underneath the bonnet! The black adhesive foil should be in by next week and looking forward to the final result.

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