Sunday, 15 March 2015

FHC resto nr. 31; Final paint preparations

After a short pause last week saw the start of the last stage of the paint preparations. That means the bonnet, boot lid and doors will be prepared in readiness for their final colour coat. But before the primer can be applied the old paint, filler and primer need to be removed from the bonnet and boot lid first. Because with these two panels the frames are glued to the outer skin. This means that pyrolysis can't be used here, as this method will also remove the glue. And it is pretty difficult to get the glue back in place without removing the outer skin. Time for a formic acid based cleaner and some elbow grease to remove the paint from the outside ...

A messy job indeed where decent protective clothing and decent ventilation is an absolute must. But on a positive note, this method enabled us a good insight in the cars paint history. It was obvious that the original colour of the car indeed was Pimento Red (CAB). The original paint and primer layers were still there, together with another set of layers of primer and paint to cover it up. Those eagle eyed among you will see the various layers in the fourth picture above.
But this method does give a very nice clean finish. Removing the paint on the outside of the boot lid showed us that this had been a good choice as there were several rust "threads" hidden underneath.

This method of paint removal is only used on the outside of the panels though, to prevent the acid penetrating in the seams or being soaked up by the glue. The inside of the bonnet and boot-lid will be sanded down only, to give a smooth finish. I have seen enough paint discolouring due to chemicals that remained left behind in seams ...

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