Wednesday, 29 October 2014

FHC resto nr. 24; An engine part

Managed to lay my hands on a rather vital, but also very rare part for the new engine for the FHC. As mentioned before the plan is to put a fairly standard tune Sprint engine in this car. But to get a good  coolant flow through the cylinder head you need a water transfer cover at the back of the head. On the Dolomite Sprint there was no transfer cover, just a blanking plate. But for the TR7 Sprint, that sadly never went in production, Leyland did design a proper water transfer cover. But as the TR7 Sprint was axed not to many of these special parts were manufactured. In the mid 90's, when restoring 't Kreng I managed to get one of these through Rimmer Brothers. But nowadays this part is made of unobtanium. So I decided that somewhere next year I would remove this coverfrom 't Kreng, measure it and model it in AutoCad and see if it would be possible to machine it from a lump of billet alloy. But no need for that anymore, as I managed to obtain this ...

As you can see an original TR7 Sprint water transfer cover. To say that I am rather pleased is an understatement.

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Russ said...

Beans, that was an amazing find. Just goes to show what happens when you keep your eyes open.