Saturday, 7 June 2014

FHC resto nr. 12; Boot area completed

Some real progress with the welding, resulting in a boot area that is more or less finished. There are only a few surplus holes that need to be welded up. And as mentioned earlier, having to unpick all the welds of the boot floor panels, all the panels could be re-fitted properly. As a result the seams between floor and outer valances, which stood open a few miles is now a perfect fit. Sadly the spot welder couldn't reach the front of the seam, so we had to revert to a chain weld.

But there were also some rather unexpected surprises. The first one being the rear light panel that was too far out in the centre section, as result of which the inner edge of the boot lid touched this panel. I now know why the boot lid was aligned so badly when I bought the car. But with the proper tools it was fairly easily rectified, although a bit time consuming.

Next panel that wasn't as it should be was the left hand rear wing. With the boot lid in place all panel gaps were equal, except for the rear edge of this panel. Only solution here was to undo all the welds between the rear light panel and wing. This enabled a far better fitment between the two panels but still not the panel gap we wanted. It widened considerable at the rear edge. Finally sorted by adding some metal in the area.

The final panel and problem in this area was the rear deck. But before that could be welded in place a few thin edges and rust holes had to be repaired. All fairly straightforward. But while trial fitting the rear deck and checking the measurements for the rear window we found out the "gap" was too small. On the outside they were more or less spot on, but in the middle the gap was too small. Again by a few millimetres. Easily sorted by taking of the required amount from the central support bracket.

After that fitting the rear deck was the proverbial piece of cake.

Welding etcetera to be continued for the next few weeks or so ...

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