Saturday, 24 May 2014

FHC resto nr. 10; A rather big hole

Due to work on my other two cars and a short trip to Wales, progress has been very marginal over the past month or so. But work has started again on the FHC. And last Wednesday the body was transported to a friend's place for the welding to be carried out. This is how the boot area looked a few days ago ...

And when I visited him this afternoon it was clear he hadn't been idle. When I walked into his work shop I was greeted by a very big hole were the boot used to be ...

And this a pile of cut up pieces was all that remained of the butchered boot.

Also the non original rear deck panel (with a small filler hole) had already been removed, revealing some more rot were the panel is fitted to the rear wings ...

And the front section of the spare wheel well has already been repaired, using parts from the boot of the yellow body I cut up in early April.

And I am glad I made the effort to remove the complete rear deck from the yellow body, as the remaining bits from the original filler surround had been badly butchered. As the underside of the rear deck is rather difficult to reach ones it is fitted, I decided to coat it with an epoxy primer.

Next visit planned for next Wednesday.

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