Sunday, 6 April 2014

FHC resto nr. 8; Time to say goodbye

With the start of the FHC's restoration I made myself a promise to use this project as an excuse to sort through the parts I have collected over the years. The aim of which is to make an inventory and store them away in a more orderly fashion. But also to get rid of some of the parts that are really not good enough to re-use. Like two of my spare body shells. And this weekend it was time to say goodbye to one of them, a Speke built FHC shell.

I got this one cheap many years ago and at first glance it looks pretty good and solid. But it was badly butchered by a previous owner who tried to repair some accident damage to the front chassis, cover some rust spots and fit a V8. He failed. But the shell had what looks like a saveable boot floor and correct and solid early (large filler cap) rear deck for the '76 FHC. And it will eventually donate its solid and straight looking roof skin to fill in the rather big hole in 't Kreng's roof.

We also tried to save the rear wings but didn't quite manage. Sadly they got damaged in the attempt. So we cut them of, which did make things a bit easier. But they will nevertheless be stored for future accident repairs, but hopefully I won't need them. Also left the floor intact so it can be used as a template for the new carpets.

And we made a start on the second body (a Solihull FHC shell), but after removing the roof it was time to call it a day. This one should be easier to dismantles as only it's chassis legs are worth saving. But despite that it was time for a few well deserved drinks and a quiet evening ...

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Patrick said...

one suggestion .....
You have tr7 rare parts from a original body shell , probably unique in the world.
A unique opportunity for you to create with all these parts a Sculpture "Time to say good bye" to commemorate for ever the memory of the closure of the plant Solihull TRIUMPH TR7 and 8.
best regards from France