Saturday, 11 January 2014

Next project ...

There's no way back now for the 1976 FHC. After an inspection earlier this week by the guy who will do the panel work it was decided that we would get the best result by using the cars original body shell and use the back end of the yellow body shell as a spare panel donor. Which means that I will have to start with dismantling the car first.

But first things first. When I removed the Wolfrace Turbo wheels from the car I put a set of 7Jx15" Borbet Type A wheels on. These came from a friend and were fitted just to keep the car mobile. But as the fitted tyres didn't hold air I had to replace them. Luckily the original TR7 alloys I used during the restoration of the DHC were still at hand and holding air. So these were fitted to keep the car mobile.

And with the car mobile again it was transported to a friend's place today. Here it will be dismantled in the coming month or so, in preparation for the body repairs. Would have loved to take some final pictures of the car as she was, but the weather conditions were rather wet. So it was unceremoniously loaded on the trusty trailer and transported to the workshop. Here work will start this Wednesday when work allows.

Also looking at various options for paint removal and blasting of body shell once it is bare. Needless to say I won't use the company or process again that I used for the DHC. At the moment looking for info on Soda blasting and thermal paint removal (pyrolysis).

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