Monday, 18 June 2012

Interesting transmission failure

Went over to the DHC today to check on a few things for her (already overdue)  MOT. And one of the things I wanted to check were the bearings of the half shafts. They seemed none the worse than before the 10CR, so should be OK. But while rotating the rear wheels there was this rather pronounced scraping sound coming from the rear of the gear box. Being curious if maybe the damage was in the rear of the gearbox, I crawled underneath the car and found this ...

Have to admit that this is one rather interesting prop shaft failure. But the interesting bit is that, when the car failed on the Timmelsjoch one of the first things I checked was underneath the car. At that point the prop shaft still was in its designed location and not hanging on the catch band. It must have dropped out sometime afterwards.

So it was not a gearbox failure after all. But as the ‘box which is still under the car has a horrible gear change and the clutch is also suspect (sticks randomly) I will change them nevertheless. But it gives me a bit more breathing space for the MOT, as I only have to put another prop shaft underneath the car.

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