Sunday, 17 October 2010

Reconnaissance run Nachtrit

Early yesterday morning I went to the shed to dig out “t Kreng. I left her there shortly after she got her MOT in July, so I was rather curious as to what would happen when I switched on the ignition and primed the fuel system. As usual I needn’t have worried, she started pretty quickly and even managed something resembling a half decent idle. After picking up Rene at his home, we headed south to the starting point in Slenaken, where we set off at 11:15 hr.

The weather forecast had been pretty good with a chance of some light showers, which would die out in the afternoon. How wrong they were! The reconnaissance quickly turned into an epic drive through heavy rain showers. It had been dry for quite a while, the leaves were already falling and the farmers were harvesting. Al this put together made for rather slippery road conditions to say the least. In places it was so slippery that the car’s rear was sliding all over the place while accelerating in a straight line. Good fun, with the ATB diff clearly working overtime. I was glad I took 't Kreng for the trip and not the DHC or the Land Rover!

But despite the very bad conditions it was again great fun driving the car on these challenging roads. What also struck me was that some roads seem to have deteriorated rather badly over the past few years. Time the Wallons start spending some money on them ...
So we were a bit surprised when we returned in Slenaken exactly 5 hours later. Bearing in mind the weather conditions and the Saturday (shopping) traffic, we had expected we’d need much more time to get round. So this might turn into a very quick one ...

The car again ran faultlessly over the approximately 500 kilometres I covered yesterday. So looking forward to the final reconnaissance run on the day of the Nachtrit itself. Hopefully the weather will be better. But before that I will give the car some well deserved attention.

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