Sunday, 19 September 2010

A few firsts for the DHC

This weekend saw the 6th edition of the Belgium Triumph Festival. Having missed a few years and with nothing better to do we decided to give it another go. Another reason to go there was the fact that this year’s edition was held at the rather lovely “Landcommanderij Alden Biesen” which is just over an hour’s drive from where I live.

Although it remained dry all day the weather wasn’t very bright, which probably resulted in many Triumph owners keeping their cars under cover in the garage. Resulting in a car park that could have done with a few more Triumphs. At least we managed to bring 4 cars over (Spitfire Mk IV, Dolomite 1850, Stag and of course my DHC)

It was actually the first official meeting which I attended with the DHC. The car seems to be pretty well know already, as several people came over to talk about the restoration. She indeed managed to attract quite a lot of interest

Luckily there were more interesting and nice cars around to enjoy, like this nice French 1300TC

A very yellow GT6+

An equally yellow Vincent Hurricane with gorgeous period alloys

A rare Herald Courier van

And a very lovely long door TR2

Although some people seemed not to be too impressed

And while preparing the car yesterday I found another first, the first stone chips!

So with a water pump that looks OK, I can safely say that the restoration of the DHC is finished at last. And she should be fit for some proper use 😎 (edit - this turned out to be wishful thinking).

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