Sunday, 11 July 2010

DHC report nr. 104; Finishing touches part 5

Due to the very hot weather in the past few weeks, with temperatures well over 30ºC, I haven’t done much to the car, not even driven it as much as I would have liked! But I did find some time to fit the badges to the car, so people don’t have to guess anymore when I drive past them. The boot lid badges were fitted more or less to their original position ...

Whereas the nose badge wasn't quite. Looking at factory photographs, the top of the laurel wreath should be just above the top of the headlamp pods. But it was easier to align the top of the badge with the top of the headlamp pods. And I think it looks better too this way.

Also had a bit of an issue with one of the steel wheels, as mentioned earlier one of the tyres was almost flat when I wanted to fit these wheels to the car. At first it looked promising as it kept its pressure well. But after a week or so it started to lose pressure again slowly but also randomly. In the end I dropped it of at the tyre shop to have it checked for leaks. Turned out to be three leaks in the welding, which were easily sorted with a few blobs of special sealant on the inside of the rim.
And to bridge the time the leaking wheel was away, I fitted the alloys to keep the car mobile. Looks rather period. Was quite a revelation how different the car handles on these, more or less “period” specification type, tyres. They completely change the cars handling, very comfortable, but also lacking a bit of grip. I won’t mention why one of the sills is so dusty at the moment ....

List of things to do is getting rather short by now. Most importantly , with some 800 kilometres under the wheels so far, the knocking in the front suspension is getting less and less, I really have to provoke it now. So looking good for its first Alpine trip in August.

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