Saturday, 1 May 2010

DHC report nr. 86; Doors finished at last

Last week I returned the door cards to the guy who re-trimmed them to have the upper seals swapped. Also made use of the opportunity to drop of a pair of sun visors that need refurbishing, and an old pair of footwell mats to use as pattern for a new pair. Maybe they’ll be ready this week. But he was kind enough to swap the seals immediately so I could take them home with me.

In between other commitments yesterday I found a few spare hours to work on the car. First thing to do was undo a fair bit of work ...
While working steadily through my boxes with parts I found a small bracket last week which was put in the wrong box, and thus forgotten when I fitted the supports for the dashboard.

It’s the lower left-hand mounting bracket. Luckily easy to put right as it is only a matter of undoing the bolt, add the bracket and fit everything. And that of course was too easy, so the thread of the mounting clip in the A-post decided to call it a day. As there was only one way to get this sorted the steering column support had to come out again, giving access to the faulty clip!

Luckily I could retrieve a good one from one of the body shells I have lying around. Allowing me to put everything back in place.
After that it was time to have a second attempt at installing the left-hand door card. This time it slid in place quite easily, as it should. Only to find out I had forgotten to take some 4.8 mm connectors with me to fit to the wiring harness. Can’t use the original 6.3mm connectors as I am using slightly different Peugeot/Citroën interior lights, which have smaller contact spades. As the scheduled time was up, I called it a day and headed home to prepare for the Koninginnedag (Queen's Day) festivities.

This morning I started with cleaning the ash trays and the hub caps for the steel wheels, and after lunch I headed for the shed. This time with all the connectors I could find!
First I finished the left-hand door. Only the interior light had a bit of a mind of its own. It didn’t want to fit in it’s aperture. But some trimming of the plastic surround with a penknife sorted this.
Next job was to get the wiring for the map-reading-light sorted. Took a fair bit of time, but with this sorted and the map light taped in place temporarily, the door card could be fitted. Only to find out that this seal was either placed to far forward or it was too long. It looked as if it was stretched lightly so I cut of a few millimetres at the front after which it fitted perfectly.
Sadly I was a bit overenthusiastic and didn’t notice that the wires for the interior light had slipped out of the aperture. I only noticed this when I was nearly finished, only had to fit the light itself ... damn!
So of with everything, undo the door card’s clips and retrieve the wires from inside the door, and put everything back in place. Only to find out that the map-reading-light couldn’t be mounted as I had thought. So everything of again! Really getting the hang of it now, but this was third time lucky!

After that I really thought it time to call it a day. But not before I trial fitted one of the steel wheels together with one of the hub caps I intend to use. Suits the car very well, very 70’s 😎 

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