Sunday, 25 April 2010

DHC report nr. 85; Mixed feelings

Some small but steady progress over the past few weeks. But this weekend I encountered a few fairly minor setbacks, which can have quite a big impact on my overall work schedule in the end ...
This weekend the plan was to finish the doors completely. First thing to do was fit the door mirrors. This went pretty smoothly and within an hour both mirrors were in place.

After that I made a half-hearted attempt to fit the windscreen side finishers. But as they put up a bit of a fight, I put them aside and continued with the inside of the doors. First thing to do was change the connectors of the speaker wires, as I am not going to use the original speakers in the car. Here I encountered the first set back, I ran out of the correct connectors. Searching through my own parts stock and that of some friends turned up nearly all the connectors I needed, but not quite. I am still missing one. But at least this enabled me to finish one door completely. So with the wiring of the left hand door sorted.

I took the inside door card, connected the wiring to the speakers and fed the courtesy light wires through the light hole. Only to find out that the door card didn’t fit to the door anymore. After a few futile attempts and with the help of another door card I noticed why. During refurbishing, the window seals have been swapped, as a result it doesn’t fit anymore. So I’ll have to go back to the car trimmer to have this rectified.

With nothing better to do I made another attempt at fitting the windscreen side finisher. This time they slid on pretty smoothly. But I managed to damage one slightly nonetheless, but only real TR7 anoraks will notice this! And as this job went pretty smoothly I had a go at the sill mouldings underneath the doors. Can’t say they went on smoothly but didn’t take much more than half an hour. Really starting to look like the finished car I had in mind when I started on this project.

And to help with the overall picture, I trial fitted the wheels, I shouldn’t have done that. Sadly though I forgot to remove the coating from the centring holes, as a result it took me almost half an hour to get them both of again.

As you can see I couldn’t make up my mind which wheels to use, so I prepared two sets. The “driving” set consists of banded TR7 steel wheels (6” instead of 5,5”) with pretty soft road legal Yokohama A-021R racing tyres. The “Sunday-afternoon-car-show” set consists of refurbished original TR7 alloys with rather bland and standard TR7 specification Continental 185/70R13 roadtyres.

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