Wednesday, 14 April 2010

DHC report nr. 83; Door window frustration

If anyone, coming into the shed on Monday evening, had asked if the DHC was for sale he’d have a bargain ... Luckily no one came in so I could spent a few very frustrating hours with the LH window mechanism alone. Nearly broke one of my thumbs and got hands and fingers trapped by the regulator mechanism several times.
I actually started on the doors last weekend. I began with the RH door, and it took me a while to work out the best sequence to fit windows, and their regulator mechanism. But once I got that worked out, everything went in pretty smoothly.
I first fitted the complete quarter light. This is pretty tricky as you have to widen the gap between door frame and skin slightly to make room to “twist “ the rear of the quarter light inside the door gap. After that putting the front leg in place was easy. I then trimmed the weather seal to the correct length and shape and fitted it, using my hands to put the clips in place and a large Allan-key to pull them in place properly. With the seal in place the nut and bolts of the quarter light were tightened up.

Next job was to grease the window regulator mechanism and the guide channels and drop the window inside the door and support it in the upper position. Didn’t need much support, as it stayed up all by its own. With the window in the upper position, manoeuvring the regulator mechanism in place and connecting it up to the guide channels turned out to be easy. Even aligning the mounting holes turned into a very easy job, with the help of an old window handle. And to finish the LH door I placed the rear channel inside the door (with the window in the upper position). With the channel in place I lowered the window, making sure it come free of the rear guide channel. This enabled me to fit the felt seal, position the guide correctly and bolt it down, followed by the door’s rear finisher.

Window moves up and down very smoothly, pretty light compared to the ones on ‘t Kreng!

After that I started on the LH door, but sadly while progressing steadily (quarter light and seal fitted) I had to stop work to collect my new daily transport at a friend’s shop before closing time ...

Which of course had to be put to the test immediately! So it wasn't until Monday that I returned to the shed to finish the LH door. Should be easy, but it wasn’t. It started with the window, it just didn’t want to drop into the door without taking the weather seal with it. After that the window didn’t want to remain in the upper position, even with some support. Then the mechanism itself didn’t want to go into the door, and once inside it didn’t want to hook into the guide channels. And after I got it hooked up, the mechanism fell out a few times etcetera. Luckily there were no big hammers around ...
But in the end I got everything in place without damaging the paintwork, and it even works properly.

Time to get her under cover and head home for a well deserved beer.

Only (slight) problem are the aftermarket rubbers at the top of the quarter lights. These are fairly soft, as a result of which they deform easily, which leads to them being “caught” by the top of the window when raising it.

And when I returned home from work this afternoon I found these in front of the garage gate. Nicely in time for when I pick up the wheels, which should be ready for collection next Monday.

As you can see I’ll be using standard size tyres, but not quite standard tyres, or or wheels. I will use these banded steel wheel combined with the small black plastic hub caps. Almost can't wait to see how this combination will look on the car ...

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