Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Waking ‘t Kreng

Absolutely no progress to report on the DHC. This is mainly caused by the fact that I’ve been ill over the past week. But also because the coming weekend will see the start of the driving season with the Nacht van het Oosten, a 200 kilometre night rally.

Initially I wanted to check over ‘t Kreng last Saturday but I hadn’t completely recovered from a bit of pneumonia. And as it was still cold I thought it wise not to go outside to work on the car. Luckily the sun was shining brightly so inside the car it was quite nice, so instead of working on it I thought it would be a good idea to take her out for a little test drive.
As she’d been dormant outside under the carport for four months I was a little sceptical if she would start (last time she was out was for the Nachtrit early in November last year).
I needn’t have worried, after priming the carburettors she started on the first attempt. Idle was a bit rough but that was all. Out on the road she really behaved quite nicely once the flat spots on the tyres were driven out and everything was on working temperature.

As Robbie had completed work on his Escort, I went over to his workshop this evening to check the car. Was a pretty quick check, not much wrong. Only the pads of the rear brakes need renewing within the next couple of months. Also the underside of the car could do with a thorough clean, and it’s clear that 13 years of hard use are slowly taking their toll!

The only real problem were the brake lights, they did work a bit randomly until they quit altogether. Turned out that the brake light switch was starting to fall apart. As they have a tendency to pack up I always carry at least one spare with me. But I was too lazy to get it out of the boot. Instead I put a cable tie around the switch to keep it together, resulting in a pair of working brake lights.

The other thing that needed a bit of attention was the V-belt, which needed tightening up a little. This was caused by the fact that I renewed the alternator after the Nachtrit last year. And while driving home in the dark I could test the new 70A alternator. With spotlights and beams on it is still charging fully. That used to be slightly different with the original alternator!

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