Saturday, 27 March 2010

DHC report nr. 79; Brakes

Over the last week I fitted the half shafts to the back axle. Nothing really worth mentioning here, after greasing the bearings, they just slid back in without any problems. With the half shafts in place it was time to put all the brake parts back on the axle. To make life easier I had printed a few pictures I made at various stages during the dismantling of the back axle. Very useful to show how everything should go back in. Especially with the self adjusting brake mechanism ...

The circlip for the rear cylinders ...

And the various springs inside the drums ...

After which fitting the drums was a piece of cake.

The only thing to put up a real fight was the cross over pipe running between right and left hand cylinders. The thread of one of the end fittings just didn’t want to engage with the thread inside the cylinder. But after a very frustrating half hour it just slipped in. Don’t know why it changed its mind but I couldn’t care less. And with the rear brakes finished, I switched my attention to the front of the car the fitting of the front pads.

I have been using EBC Greenstuff for quite some years now, but I found they were lacking ultimate bite so I decided to go for some traditional Mintex M1144 pads. Hopefully will see how they behave in two months time!

Also fitted a new antenna. The one I fitted previously wouldn’t pass our MOT as it was sticking outside the contours of the car. So instead I fitted a normal telescopic one, doesn’t look to bad either.

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