Sunday, 28 February 2010

DHC report nr. 76; Fitting sub frame

Over the weekend I have been working on the car’s front suspension. Last week I fitted the front struts, so the natural thing to do was to fit the sub frame next. Which I did. Despite it not being particularly difficult to assemble, it put up a fight right from the start. Every imaginable thing to go wrong, did go wrong. Very frustrating, but probably most frustrating was the fact that I had to drive home twice to collect parts which I forgot to take with me. But after a few fairly frustrating hours the sub frame assembly was ready for mounting under the car.

I had hoped that this would be easy, which it was ... in the end. Plan was to put the sub frame on the trolley jack;

And position it underneath the car, raise it so I could connect the TCA’s to the struts, raise it a little further to fit the sub frame’s front bolts. And after that raise it even further to fit the rear bolts. And that’s where it went wrong again. Normally this should have worked, but as there’s no engine and interior in the car yet, it is still rather light weight. As a result of this instead of raising the sub frame to the car I raised the whole car, not good. I did try various option but in the end the only solution was slacken the front sub frame bolts as far as they go, and disconnect the TCA’s from the struts. After this fitting the sub frame was easy!

Remained the TCA’s; with a second pair of hands (thx Herbert), a very long and sturdy bar plus some brute force, they were rather quickly re-fitted to the struts.

As it was now well into the Sunday afternoon, I tidied up a bit, switched of the lights and went home ...

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