Wednesday, 17 February 2010

DHC report nr. 73; Tidying up loose ends

With the headlights fitted, the carnival over and still freezing, I really didn’t much fancy going over to the shed today. But not going means no progress so I put on some warm clothes again and spent a few hours on several smaller jobs.

I started with the headlights, these had to be connected to the cars wiring loom. As I hadn’t fitted the connectors for the light units yet, getting the wiring in place turned out fairly straightforward. Due to the cold the wiring is rather stiff but this actually helped with putting them through the various openings. So with all the wires inside the engine bay, it was time to fit the missing connector blocks. Should have been easy as I had all the bits properly marked. But while putting the second wire in (blue/white) it slipped out of my hand. I “followed” it while it flipped away, picking up the end immediately and putting it in the connector block. Shouldn’t have done it ... got the wrong wire and of course I noticed it too late! To cut a long story short, I had to pull it out using brute force. Hopefully nothing is damaged inside the cable, at least no visible damage. After that all the rest went in without problems, forewarned is forearmed!

To finish the work in the nose area I fitted a pair of new horns, which I purchased locally. Just to be safe I made two extra earth wires which I connected to the earth points behind the headlight panel. Wonder how they’ll sound as they should be fairly loud!

As it was still fairly early in the afternoon I decided to fit a new hose between the screen washer bottle and pump and drop the wiper mechanism in place. This decision was prompted by the fact that the blanking plate for the cavity above the brake cylinder was still lying around on the car. Thought it would be rather easy to drop the mechanism in place, but it turned out to have a mind of its own. And just when I was getting rather fed up with it, Robbie walked into the shed to see how I got on! We agreed that it would be best for me to call it a day and go home. But when I picked up the mechanism to put it back in the cupboard I thought it a good idea to give it one last try. Guess what, it just slipped in place without any problem.

This enabled me to fit the blanking plate at last.

As I have a week off from work will probably go over to the shed tomorrow to clean the back axle in preparation for painting. I already dismantled it a few days ago;

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