Saturday, 13 February 2010

DHC report nr. 72; Fitting headlights

Usually I don’t mind a bit of winter conditions but I am slowly getting fed up with the weather. It’s been freezing for some 2 months by now, as a result of which progress on the car has been slow to say the least. But as sitting at home doesn’t help much with progress, I went over to the shed this afternoon to brave the cold for a few hours.

As it is still far too cold to use glue (for carpets and certain trim pieces) I decided to fit the headlights instead. Last time I fitted these to a car (actually ‘t Kreng way back in 1996) I fitted these as complete assemblies, so with the pods and light units fitted. This didn’t work to well, making it rather difficult to align the pods properly. So this time I choose to fit the bare mechanism first, followed by the empty headlamp pods;

With all mounting nuts and bolts tightened by hand it was possible to move all parts about, till a more or less decent fit of the lamp pods inside the front panel was achieved;

And after tightening up the various nuts and bolts it was only a matter of fitting the light units and finish them off with the black rubber bezels. Slowly starting to look like a TR7 again;

Next job will probably be connecting up the headlight units’ wiring and fit the wiper motor. Or maybe start on the suspension bits? It all depends on how the weather is going to develop the coming week.

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