Monday, 8 February 2010

DHC report nr. 71; wiring and piping

The title of my last update on the DHC ‘s progress was a bit premature, it’s still rather wintery over here although the snow has vanished now. But it is freezing again, and if I have to believe the weather forecast, we are getting another spell of frost the next days. As a result of this work on the car has been rather slack to say the least. But last week we had a few rather nice days. Even got the opportunity to work in the shed with the gate open to the sun this Saturday. Although it still was fairly cold I managed to get a few important items sorted on the car. Started with fitting the main wiring loom to the front of the car, and I came fully prepared, mentally that is! Fitting the rear loom had been rather difficult due to the low temperatures, so I expected the front loom to put up a fight too. Luckily it turned out to be rather straightforward, only need a few lengths of string, some tape and two long cable ties;

I had to be a little bit extra careful because the loom was pretty stiff, but it went in without too many problems. Only had to pull it back partially once before I had the loom in position inside the front wing;

After which I needed to pull the remaining part of the loom across the front panel of the car to the LH light position. Although there isn’t much room for a cold loom with connectors fitted it didn’t take more than a few minutes to get it in place;

And connect up the first item at the front of the car;

Just to be on the safe side I haven’t tightened the cable ties fully so I can reshuffle the loom a bit if necessary and temperatures allow! And I found out that this may be necessary as the cables/connectors for the screen washer pump seem to be a little bit on the short side;

Something to sort next week when, due to the carnival, I have a week off from work.

Last Saturday I went over to get the brake lines etc. fitted. As mentioned earlier I made up some new brake pipes to replace those that had dubious fittings. The ones that are being re-used were cleaned and polished over the past week. So with new clips in place I could fit the brake lines;

After which it was time to fit a new brake proportioning valve;

And the clutch and brake cylinder;

The brake cylinder was fitted new to ‘t Kreng quite a few years ago, but was removed after approximately 10.000 miles, when I uprated the front brakes. It has been stored (well wrapped up) ever since. The clutch cylinder was rebuilt just under three years ago, so both should be alright for the time being.

To finish of a good afternoons work I refitted the braided brake hoses;

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