Saturday, 23 January 2010

DHC report nr. 70; After the frost

After having finished the headlamp units it was time to give the headlamp motors a good clean and a bit of matt black paint. As they were working properly when I took them of the car, and the original rubber like coating was still in pretty good condition on all the joints, I didn’t dismantle them. Only thing I did was lubricate the mechanism where necessary and change the old connectors;

For new waterproof ones and new sleeves as an extra protection for the cables;

And with the connectors sorted, the headlamp motors could be put back in the headlamp mechanism, ready to go back into the car;

Also repaired and strengthened the mounting points of the rubber headlamp surrounds, using a special and fairly strong glue like sealant;

With the frost and snow of the last few weeks gone and temperatures again on the positive side of the scale I returned to the car this weekend to restart the work on the DHC. First thing to do was connect the fuel tank to the fuel pipe, and mount the exhaust/brake line brackets to the rear bulkhead.

For those of you who think I am building a V8, don’t worry I am not. It’s just that BL thought it efficient to use some TR8 parts on a TR7. In that same spirit I made a bracket for a universal in line fuel filter, using the bracket from a coil. Very convenient as the mounting studs for a coil are still on the bulkhead close to where the fuel pipe enters the engine bay;

And fitted even more soundproofing, the original pads for the rear bulk head this time;

Next job will be fitting the wiring loom to the front area of the car and over the heater unit to the left hand side of the interior. Hopefully the temperature will go up a bit making that job easier.

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