Monday, 11 January 2010

DHC report nr. 68; Freezing ....

With the temperatures over here still well below zero (°C) work on the DHC has ground more or less to a halt. But to keep up some sort of progress I took some parts home with me to assemble them in the heated garage. So this weekend (in between other non car related obligations) I started assembling the headlight mechanisms. Progress so far;

Next job will be to clean up the headlamp motors and change the connectors.

And I remembered at last to buy some satin black paint at the end of last year, to touch up the brake servo. I painted this one black some 15 years ago while restoring ‘t Kreng. But it was hardly used as one of the first things I did when that car came back on the road was remove the Princess callipers and replace them with the uprated front brake kit from S&S, complete with Sherpa servo. So this servo has been lying in the attic for quite a while, resulting in quite a lot small paint blemishes. But it looks OK again!

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Un descendant du Poéte d'Arenella said...

Hi Bean,
thank's for your time take for pics and writing about your incredible works on yours DHC TR7, it becomes a unique "tr7 bible" for each one who own's one . And something more you sucess and both are very rare ( mechanical & photographer your pics since your start in 2007 are very very welldone.
best regards from France 59
Tr7 Driver