Sunday, 3 January 2010

DHC report nr. 67; Boot area ready

With the doors and boot lid fitted it was time to attack the boot area in earnest. First thing to do (of course I’d say) was fitting the boot lid’s stay. Makes life a little easier if you don’t have to hold up the boot lid all the time!
Here I encountered my first little problem. I had taken quite a lot of pictures while dismantling the car but none of the stay’s bracket that is bolted to the boot lid itself. So I fitted it, in what to me seemed, the most logical position. Which of course was the wrong way round, as a result of which the stay seemed to be too long. A quick look in the boot of ‘t Kreng solved this;

With both my hands free, I first fitted the latch mechanism and striker, followed by the boot lids seal. And with the seal in place the striker could be aligned. This also showed that the boot lid itself needs some slight adjustments to get the alignment spot on. But that will be dealt with later!

Next job was to get the wiring sorted properly, which meant reshuffling all fitted wiring a bit and fitting the two small looms in the boot lid. Due to the rather low temperate this took quite a while. But with (again) the help of some long cable ties, a piece of string and the invaluable paint stripper (to warm the wires up a bit) they went in fairly easy.

Last bit of wiring to be fitted to the boot area were the two looms for the tow bar, including the socket.

With everything connected up to the rear lights I could, at last, fit the boot trim. What should have been straight forward again wasn’t quite. The original plastic clips weren’t up to the job of holding both LH side trim and boot front liner in place. Which again meant browsing through the spare parts in search of some flat speed-nuts. The black screws and matching collars needed were already at hand in the “box” as I intended to use them to fit the rear light covers.

And to finish the work on the boot I fitted the licence plate lights and boot’s interior light. Those of you who have had the licence plate lights out will know that they are very fragile indeed. As a result of which I found only one that was undamaged in my spare parts stock. First plan was to find one with the least damage and glue the broken-off piece back on. Looked very promising until I fitted the contacts, it broke of immediately, it clearly needed a different approach! While rummaging through my spare parts I found the solution, a clip for the weather strip from the doors, simple and effective!

With the licence plate lights sorted something had to go wrong with the boot light, one of the contacts broke off. Luckily I did have some undamaged spare ones. So a few hours later than expected the three lights were fitted back in place.

With the boot area ready I will switch to another part of the car. Just not sure what part. At the moment the temperature is dropping again rapidly, so glue the carpets (mainly the sills) is not possible, ruling out any further work on the interior for the time being.

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