Sunday, 29 November 2009

DHC report nr. 59; More little jobs and boot lid troubles

Progress has been a bit slack over the past few weeks due to other commitments/priorities. But I did find some spare time to pick up the galvanised parts, pictured is only a selection;

I also went shopping for all sorts of nuts, bolts, screws etc. Especially glad I could get an assortment of different types of black screws for the interior;

And a few boxes with plug-in nuts;

So about ready to start on the re-assembly of the car!

Yesterday I picked up the boot lid, which was (at last) painted last Thursday, together with the bonnet and front spoiler. Main reason why it took so long to get it ready for painting, was the fact that it was impossible to get it completely straight. Turned out that the boot lid’s frame is pressing so hard against the outer skin that it shows on the outside. And no matter how hard we tried, it kept coming back. So either the lid’s frame is warped or the outer skin was deformed during shot blasting. But with the dark grey primer it was difficult to judge whether the fault would show up clearly or not once painted.

As a lot of time and effort had been put into getting the lid in rather decent shape, we decided to take a gamble and have it painted. That would give the only proper indication if it was good enough to fit on the car or we had to start all over again with another boot lid. Turned out fairly decent, so it will go on the car for the time being. The faults are visible when there is a straight line mirrored in the boot lid. Otherwise it is pretty hard to see!

The bonnet and front spoiler will be picked up from the painters tomorrow afternoon

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