Wednesday, 18 November 2009

DHC report nr. 58; Little jobs

A few weeks ago I received a small test batch of parts (air duct catches) that were first galvanised (gloss zinc) and after that black passivated. The end result looked rather nice. Not as black as the powder coated parts but the big advantage of this treatment is that it can be applied to components of the car with moving parts like bonnet catch, boot and bonnet stay etc.
So sorted the bits I wanted to have galvanised. But as the firm have a minimum fee, based on weight, I collected all remaining (small) parts to be treated (and still didn’t get to their minimum limit). So some more “before” pictures;

Spreading out the parts in RenĂ©’s back yard for a few photographs was a bit tricky as his 6 month old border collie Firtha desperately wanted to rummage through the parts in search for some new toys;

But (hopefully all !?) the parts should be ready somewhere next week, after which I can start in earnest with the re-assembly of the car. So in the mean time I busied myself with adding the first few parts to the car. The VIN plate;

As you can see it’s the wrong one for a TR7. But as I got it for free and it is original quality, I used it instead of an aftermarket replica. Also fitted the cars original body number tag;

Last week I picked up a fairly heavy box from a friend;

So as a try-out I installed the first sound proofing pad, an easy one just to see how the material felt and behaved when being applied;

Actually wasn’t that bad to fit. Biggest problem will be to get it properly cut to fit nicely around all the nooks and crannies of the rear of the cabin floor and the rear bulkhead. At least it follows the contours of the body panels pretty good. And I’ll need quite a bit of white spirit to wash away the wax-oil overspray at places where I have to place the sound proofing pads.
And in between I went over the inside of the bodies box sections with a little mirror and a flash light to see if it was coated properly with wax-oil, It is now!

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